Sunday 2018 Tentative Schedule

Tentative 2018 ***SUNDAY ONLY***Dragon Con BritTrack Schedule

Note: Tentative means that this schedule is subject to change. This is not a final schedule. The final schedule will be in the Dragon Con APP once the schedule is released. Questions about the schedule can be sent to


Doctor Who: Capaldi & Mackie Audience: Kid Friendly

Peter Capaldi, the 12th Doctor, and Pearl Mackie, companion Bill Potts, conduct a Q&A with fans about their time on everyone’s beloved BBC Series: Doctor Who.

Presenters: Rob Levy(M), Pearl Mackie, Peter Capaldi


Sun 10:00 am;  « Atrium Ballroom;   1 Hour(s); Review

BritPop Morning Game Show Audience: General

The British music industry is epic. There is so much to listen to and so much to know about. Learn about British music as you play a few rounds of “Name That British Tune!”

Presenters: R Alan Siler, Panelist: JM Tuffley, Volunteer: Angela Hartley

Sun 10:00 am;  « Galleria 5;   1 Hour(s); Review

Hard Sun Audience: General

How do you enforce the law when the world will end in the next five years? When two detectives find out the truth about the end of the world, this becomes their dilemma. A discussion of the new hit show Hard Sun.

Presenters: Panelist: Andrew Hartley, Volunteer: Ryan Carey, Volunteer: Rob Bowen


Sun 11:30 am;  Galleria 5; 1 Hour(s);   Review

Making a Drama: The Mammoth Screen Fan Panel Audience: General

This panel will discuss the recent seasons aired/streamed in the US of Poldark, Victoria, Endeavor, old favorites, & their upcoming projects The War of the Worlds, Vanity Fair, and the Pride & Prejudice reboot, which are all brought to us from Mammoth Screen Productions.

Presenters: Panelist: Mark Heffernan, Panelist: Kristen McGehee, Panelist: Phil Greco, Panelist: Amanda-Rae Prescott, Volunteer: Angela Hartley


Sun 01:00 pm;  « Galleria 5;   1 Hour(s); Review

A Slice of Fried Gold with Nick Frost Audience: General

Not many comedians can make the jump to serious acting, but Nick Frost has done it with ease. We’ll talk with Nick about his beginnings on Spaced and his work on the Cornetto Trilogy and Attack the Block, and answer a few questions.

Presenters: Nick Frost, Volunteer: Robert Bowen

Sun 01:00 pm;  « Imperial Ballroom;   1 Hour(s); Review

ESW Presents: 12th Doctor Retrospective Audience: General

The Earth Station Who podcast crew host a retrospective of the Twelfth Doctor from the introduction of the Angry Eyebrows to his struggle to be a Good Man to ending where he began. Sonic sunglasses optional.

Presenters: Michael Gordon, Mike Faber, Michael Falkner, Sue Kisenwether, Panelist: Mary Ogle, Volunteer: Rob Bowen

Sun 02:30 pm;  Galleria 5; 1 Hour(s);   Review

Big Finish Audios Audience: General

For 20 years, Big Finish has led the way with original Doctor Who audioplays, while expanding their talents to other ranges like Dan Dare, The Prisoner, Torchwood, & Star Cops, to name a few. We’ll discuss the sprawling history of their audio ranges & the future their brand.

Presenters: Davey Beauchamp, Lars Pearson, R Alan Siler, Panelist: Brian Doob, Volunteer: Rob Bowen


Sun 04:00 pm;  Galleria 5; 1 Hour(s);   Review

Sherlock Audience: General

Unappreciated by his creator, Sherlock Holmes went on to popular acclaim & universal recognition. He has been re-imagined countless times by actors & fans alike. We will talk about his wide appeal, including the portrayal by Benedict Cumberbatch in the recent BBC series.

Presenters: Kim F Holec, Richard Paolinelli, Ann Margaret Lewis, Bob Nygaard, Panelist: Taylor Blumenberg, Panelist:Allison Lane


Sun 05:30 pm;  « Galleria 5;   1 Hour(s); Review

Doctor Who Q&A: Catherine Tate Audience: General

Doctor Who’s Catherine Tate is interviewed in an hour-long Q&A on her life, career, & time on Doctor Who.

Presenters: Rob Levy(M), Catherine Tate


Sun 05:30 pm;  « Grand Salon;   1 Hour(s); Review

Doctor Who: Classic Series Audience: General

Classic Series Doctor Who is still going strong! Complete season releases indulge the modern appetite for binging, while Big Finish Audios have become the champion of “new” classic Doctor Stories. Grab your scarf & explore the original series in depth!

Presenters: Davey Beauchamp, Robert Allsopp, Michael D. French, Panelist: Andy Teal, Panelist: Robert Ray, Volunteer:Rob Bowen


Sun 07:00 pm;  Galleria 5; 1 Hour(s);   Review

James Bond: Spy Class Audience: General

Learn from experts how to be a spy like Bond, James Bond 007. Decoding ciphers, smooth-talking villains, dressing for the part, & navigating all things Double-O!

Presenters: John L. Flynn, Anthony Taylor, Bob Nygaard, Panelist: Allen Hilburn, Panelist: Matt Sherman, Volunteer:Caro McCully

Sun 08:30 pm;  « Galleria 5;   1 Hour(s); Review

BritTrack After Dark – Black Mirror Audience: Mature Audience

Black Mirror has just finished its fourth twisted season. We discuss this & the impact the show has had on UK TV & the horror genre in general.

Presenters: Anthony Taylor, Panelist: Robert Lloyd, Panelist: Gareth Morley, Panelist: Brian Doob, Volunteer: Andrew Hartley


Sun 10:00 pm;  « Galleria 5;   1 Hour(s); Review

4th Annual Doctor Who Ball Audience: General

The best party this side of Raxacoricofallapatorius! We’ll rock on like an Axon late into the night. Dance to our new DJ Black Sunshine’s tunes & stay for our Pageant of Rassilon Winner Announcements at midnight! Allons-y!

Presenters: Volunteer: Caro McCully


Sun 10:00 pm;  « Grand Salon;   4 Hour(s); Review

BritTrack After Dark – Team Trivia! Audience: General

Form a team, study up, & come to the best, most tea-driven team-trivia contest at the Con! Categories will include (but are not limited to) Doctor Who, Sherlock, Orphan Black, British royalty, geography, Doctor Who extended universe, James Bond, British music, & oh so much more.

Presenters: Volunteer: Andrew Hartley


Sun 11:30 pm;  Galleria 5; 2.5 Hour(s);   Review

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