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Below are a list of our “Friends!” People who help us out, groups that are awesome, and just well “Friends” of the BritTrack! Check them out! They are each special, awesome, and well have some awesome websites, and stuff! is your source for all things Anglophile and all things Britian. From the Royals, to Travel, to Music, to all the pop-culture information that you just want to know and need to know. This website is the Anglophile’s Dream! Owner and Web Master Jonathan Thomas is a frequent panelist of the BritTrack, and we can’t say enough good things about this man, and his wonderful team of writers! Check them out, and Book Mark their Page!

Timegate 1TimeGate Con is an Atlanta Based Convention. As stated on their facebook page, “TimeGate is a Doctor Who / Stargate / Everything Else convention in Atlanta, GA. Memorial Day Weekend!” Find them on their website (link above) or check out their many on going events, and activities on Facebook (click me for link).

ESOThe ESO Network (click me for their website) is one of the best podcasting groups out there on the Interwebs! They cover a variety of Geeky Topics, including all things BritTrack Related Topics! Check out Mike Faber and his crew as they explore, and inform you on the happenings of Geekdom and the world! is your source for all things interesting in pop culture, media, film, television, literature, and just plain fun! Check out their amazing podcasts, articles, and join the insanity that is! You won’t regret clicking the link.

221B con
221 B Con
is a SHERLOCK, you heard that righ, CONVENTION co-owned by our vary own Staffer Taylor! That’s right folks 221B Con is an Atlanta based Sherlock Convention that you would be remiss if you didn’t attend! Check them out and also enjoy their many podcasts! Click the link for details!

DB ComicsD and B Comics is an excellent source for all of your geeky comics, action figures, and geeky accessories! We thank them for their support, and donations! They are a good group of folks! For more information about where to find them, you can check them out of Facebook (click me), or check them out on their very awesome website:

GeekLogo_SM_400x400Dr. Geek Labs, on their website states the following information (we just love them because of their wealth of Geeky Know-how!)

It’s the 21st Century. Ever wondered what happened to all those inventions, conveniences, and other concepts the future was suppose to bring? Well, so have we. Here, at Doctor Geek’s Laboratory, we will explore all the realms of applied geekdom. We will examine the future that was, the future that is, and the future that has not yet come to pass. STEM Edutainment Logo Black Background FinalDoctor Geek established the lab and science fair as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) outreach. Through enthusiasm, passion, and humor, we hope to bring our audience closer to the scientists, inventors, entrepreneurs, tinkerers, and others who are attempting to bring about the world of tomorrow. Together we will help the future along … give it a push where it’s needed. Doctor Geek’s Laboratory of Applied Geekdom is a Brazen Wench production. Audio Imagineering by Shadowfall Productions”

atl galleyAtlanta Gallifreyans  are a local Atlanta group of Doctor Who fans that have been around for a while! They have a Facebook Group that you can check out and join. They frequently get together at least once a month to watch a couple of Doctor Who Episodes, talk about Doctor Who, and enjoy a nice potluck lunch! It’s tons of fun for any Whovian!


Transmissions from Atlantis is one of the many brain-children of the dynamic Jason and Rita! Podcasting lovers will love their take on Doctor Who Episodes, Comics, Film, Movies and so much more! We love having them as some of our experts on panels, and hope that you do too! Check out their website and the many things they have to offer!

website logoThe Glassy Geek is an amazing artist and creator of all things Geeky and Glass! You really have to check out their links to see they many things they are doing! In fact, they have graciously donated to us in the past and we can’t thank them enough for it! Seriously, their stuff is awesome! Check them out at or

LouisRobinson Long time friend, and wonderful Sherlock expert, Louis Robison is a Jack-of-All-Trades! Check out all that he has to offer to this world, and his wonderful music, that makes you want to see him live!

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