Friday 2018 Tentative Schedule


Tentative 2018 ***FRIDAY ONLY***Dragon Con BritTrack Schedule

Note: Tentative means that this schedule is subject to change. This is not a final schedule. The final schedule will be in the Dragon Con APP once the schedule is released. Questions about the schedule can be sent to

Welcome to the BritTrack! Audience: General

The BritTrack is back with another year’s worth of goodness from across the pond! We’ll talk about our schedule for the year, introduce staff, & maybe play a game or two.

Presenters: Volunteer: Caro McCully, Volunteer: Rob Bowen , Volunteer: Angela Hartley, Volunteer: Andrew Hartley

Fri 10:00 am;  Galleria 5; 1 Hour(s);   Review

Brit TV You Should Be Watching Audience: General

With the arrival of BritBox, Apricot TV, & other streaming services, us Americans are flooded with choices for British TV–so much so that you might not know what to watch! Receive helpful advice on the best & newest shows from our knowledgeable panel of couch potatoes.

Presenters: Anthony Taylor, R Alan Siler, Volunteer: Ryan Carey, Volunteer: Caro McCully

Fri 1:30 am;  Galleria 5; 1 Hour(s);   Review

Historical Roulette: Call the Midwife, Poldark, & More! Audience: General

Our panelists race the clock in an attempt to have TWELVE mini panels on randomly selected British historical dramas! Can we get through all of them?

Presenters: Panelist: Kritsen McGehee, Panelist: Amanda-Rae Prescott, Panelist: Heather Mbaye, Volunteer: Caro McCully, Volunteer: Angela Hartley


Fri 01:00 pm;  Galleria 5; 1 Hour(s);   Review

An Hour with Catherine Tate Audience: General

Q&A with the Doctor Who bride that ran away with the 10th Doctor.

Presenters: Rob Levy(M), Catherine Tate


Fri 02:30 pm;  « Atrium Ballroom;   1 Hour(s); Review

Doctor Who: New Series Audience: General

With Series 11 premiering in over a month, this panel discusses what to expect from Chibnall in his inaugural series as show runner & the impact he’ll have on the Doctor & her companions.

Presenters: Kathleen O’Shea David, Courtland D Lewis, Panelist: JM Tuffley, Volunteer: Andrew Hartley, Volunteer:Mark Heffernan

Fri 02:30 pm;  « Crystal Ballroom;   1 Hour(s); Review

The Science of Sherlock Audience: General

While Sherlock Holmes may have been his own mobile crime lab, he did occasionally do science. Our experts will review current procedures & scientific techniques used in modern criminal investigations & how these were reflected, or perhaps predicted, in Sherlockian lore.

Presenters: Kim F Holec, Stephen Cass, Rox of Spazhouse, Ann Margaret Lewis, Bob Nygaard, Volunteer: Rob Bowen


Fri 02:30 pm;  « Galleria 5;   1 Hour(s); Review

British Literature & Television: The Perfect Pairing Audience: General

When it comes to drama, British literature has no equal. From the anonymous author of Beowulf to the speculative fiction of H.G. Wells, these classics are made again & again. What makes Brit Lit so popular for telly & film? This panel hopes to find out.

Presenters: Panelist: Meg Sonstroem, Panelist: Stephanie Post, Panelist: Kelsie Shipley, Volunteer: Mark Heffernan, Volunteer: Angela Hartley, Volunteer: Andrew Hartley


Fri 04:00 pm;  Galleria 5; 1 Hour(s);   Review

Ask the Experts: Anything Doctor Who Audience: General

All questions about the Doctor Who Universe may be asked & will be answered. Questions from the classic series, new series, novels, comic books, spinoffs, & audios are welcome. Even the oldest question in the Universe…hidden in plain sight.

Presenters: Rob Levy, Lars Pearson, Eric P. Spana, R Alan Siler, Panelist: Allison Lane, Volunteer: Rob Bowen


Fri 05:30 pm;  Galleria 5; 1 Hour(s);   Review

James Bond & His Rivals Audience: General

From the Avengers, Danger Man, the Prisoner, and many others, everyone wants a piece of the 007 mystique. This panel discusses the many rivals of James Bond in a “March Madness” style bracket talkoff. Who will end up on top?

Presenters: John L. Flynn, Anthony Taylor, Panelist: Matt Sherman, Panelist: Allen Hilburn, Volunteer: Galen Greve, Volunteer: Angela Hartley

Fri 07:00 pm;  «» Galleria 5;   1 Hour(s); Review

The Women of Doctor Who Audience: General

From companions & villains to directors, writers, & producers (and soon the Doctor herself), women have had a lasting impact on the show over the past 54 years. Their changing roles & indelible footprints will be discussed.

Presenters: Kim F Holec, Trisha J. Wooldridge, Mel. White, Rachel Kimberly, Rox of Spazhouse, Volunteer: Caro McCully

Fri 08:30 pm;  Galleria 5; 1 Hour(s);   Review

Monty Python Experience Audience: General

The infamous Monty Python panel is back, bringing with it the finest high-quality free-range organic non-GMO Monty Python skits we can find. Bring a shrubbery, master your silly walk, and catch a train to Notlob!

Presenters: Courtland D Lewis, Panelist: Rob Ray, Panelist: Rob Constantine, Volunteer: Caro Mccully, Volunteer: Rob Bowen

 Cable – HDMI, Microphone, Microphone – Wireless, Other Cords: Laptop to projector cable, PA System – Medium, Projector, Projector, Screen – 6ft.

Fri 10:00 pm;  « Centennial I;   1 Hour(s); Review

BritTrack After Dark – British Fanfic/Slashfic Panel! Audience: Mature Audience

Fanfic & slashfic are an art form. They’re especially good when they delve into the world of British Culture, TV, & films. This panel discusses fanfic & slashfic from the darkest of places on the web.

Presenters: Panelist: Taylor Blumenberg, Panelist: Allison Lane, Panelist: Wendy Qualls, Panelist: Meg Sonstroem


Fri 10:00 pm;  « Galleria 5;   1 Hour(s); Review

BritTrack After Dark – Curse Like a Brit IV: The Game Show! Audience: Mature Audience

Curse Like a Brit Returns for more lessons in all things cursing like a proper Brit! This year’s panel will be in a game-show format with plenty of opportunity for audience participation & hilarity.

Presenters: Panelist: Gareth Morley, Panelist: Andrew Williams, Volunteer: Caro McCully, Volunteer: Rob Bowen

 Cable – HDMI, Other Cords: Laptop to projector cable, Projector, Screen – 6ft.

Fri 11:30 pm;  Galleria 5; 1 Hour(s);   Review

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