July 18th — Updated the Schedule Pages.  Updated the Guests and About pages with current guests.

July 16th — Tentative Schedule is Updated, Parties and Events are updated! Be on the look out for more information!

June-Schedule Sneak a Peak is up!

May 23rd — Updated the Volunteers page with our new staff members, and the Events page with information about the Haveli Dinner.

May 20th — Updated the About page to reflect our current mission statement and cultural influences.  Added link to the online Volunteer Application to the Volunteers Page.

April 10th — Updated the website to remove outdated 2017 schedule information, sponsor, and guests.  Updated Pageant and Poetry Slam pages with filler information.  Removed 2017 information from About page.  Removed former volunteers from Staff page.  Updated Updates page about updates.



August 28th, 2017 – Added Doctor Who Ball Page; added to Staff page; added email link to About and Volunteer pages; added photos from recent Brittrack shows to Photos page; updated Updates page about updates.

August 23rd, 2017 – Schedule, Social Media, Events, and Volunteer pages updated to reflect the 2017 show.

April 1st, 2017- About page, Guest Page, Events, Schedule, Sneak Peek all updated to reflect 2017 show.



April 2016, All pages update




June 15, 2015 About Page Updated, Guests Updated, Parties and Events Updated

April 15th, 2015 Entire site has be re-formatted.

April 22, 2015: Panelist Application Web Form is Live. Deadline for 2015 is May 30th, news page updated, Sneak Peek is updated

August 18, 2015: Schedule and all Sub-pages updated with links, Guests Updated, About Page, Parties and Events



August 26th, 2014 Home Page, All Schedules and PDF links have been updated!! concerns? contact the Director at Britishmedia@dragoncon.org

June 3rd– Home Page, News, Costume Contests Updated, Background Image, and Header, Tool-Bar

May 2014– Guest Announcements, News, Staff


July 2013- Guest, News, Banner Updated, and Schedule.

June 2013– BRIT TRACK WEBSITE MOVES! we are no longer at www.brittrack.org we are now british.dragoncon.org!

2012–Content updated for schedule, BritTrack Events, and Schedule for 2012 Show


11.8.11—Posted the first BritTrack Meet and Greet for 2012 on the Home and the Events pages!

11.8.11—Finally got the post con updates posted on all pages.  We all thank everyone for coming to this year’s BritTrack @ Dragon*Con 2011!!

8.30.11—More Major Updates!! Sylvester McCoy has been added to the Guests page as well as announcing on the Home page.  Also added the posters to the Pre-Con Dinner and the Villains’ Ball to the Home page.  The final schedule is up on the Schedule page!

8.11.11—Major Updates! Added the Second Annual Picnic Flyer on the Home and Events pages. Added The Ken Spivey Band as a Friend of BritTrack on the pages with those listed. Added more relative guests that were/are/will be in British related shows and media on the Guest page.  The Schedule page has been updated yet again without the actual times since the times are not final to date.  Also there is a Microsoft Word document depicting the same schedule as what is posted on the web site. Added the Pre-Con Dinner information on the Events page.  Added our newest staff member Taylor to the Staff page so welcome her with open arms!  Is that it?  Really?  Great!  Now my brain hurts!

7.28.11—Finally got the Schedule page updated with a few new panels!

7.12.11—Added Louis Robinson’s home page to the Links page.

6.25.11—Added the disclaimer about the tentative schedule on the Events page and a few other minor changes to the panel list.

6.24.11—Updated the Events page by removing the past BritTrack Meet and Greet, and updated the Home page informing about the final BritTrack events.  Our tentative schedule is up for 2012 on the Schedule page!  Also if you want to be a panelist, please download the form on that same page and follow the directions in that document.  This is also mentioned on the Home page too.

6.14.11—Updated the Events page with the last two BritTrack Meet and Greets along with our Second Annual BritTrack Picnic at Piedmont Park!

5.30.11—Updated the staff meeting date and time on the Events page.

5.13.11—Thought I had put Gareth David Lloyd on the Guests page.  Seems that I haven’t.  So better late than never.

4.6.11—Fixed an error on the Schedule page (which wasn’t mentioned in the updates from 3/28, bummer!).  The actual date of the staff meeting is Saturday not Sunday! Whoops!

3.28.11—Major changes to the Home page.  Added James Marsters to the Guests page!  Our illustrius director has a few words for the fans of BritTrack on the Newspage. The Friends of Brittrack side banner has been adjusted slightly.


9.17.10—All content from Dragon*Con 2010 have been removed from the Home, Guests, and Schedule pages. We can’t wait to spend time with everyone again in 2011! Also the Events page has been updated and announcements to the next Meet and Greet will be available soon!

8.30.10—Added Patricia Quinn to the Guests page, updated the guest banner on the Home page, and posted the official BritTrack 2010 schedule on the Schedule page! We have a new BritTrack video for 2010, and it is posted on the Home page below the updates section. Updated the web site due to the fact of Kai Owen’s cancellation.

7.8.10—Removed the banners from the Home page from the past events, removing the picnic outing on the Events page as well as removing the panelist application link from the Schedule page.

7.8.10—Changed the staff meeting on the Events page.

7.1.10—Added John’s bio on the Staff page. Also put up the name of the winner of the BritTrack Logo Contest on the Photos page.

6.24.10—The BritTrack Logo Contest is over with our winning logo is Gamma!  See the Photos page for the announcement!  All banners have changed on all pages!  Also on the main page is the announcement poster to the BritTrack picnic this Saturday, June 26 as well as poster for the panelist application with the due date.  Also added the next two Meet & Greets at The Marlay House on the Events page.

6.11.10—The BritTrack Logo Contest is up on the Photos page.  Please vote for your favourite logo!  Also the News page has a note from our director that everyone needs to know!

6.10.10Schedule page updated with the list of 2010 panels along with the panelist application ready for downloading and submitting the form to the director.

6.6.10—Updated the Schedule page and made some minor tweaks to the guest banner on the main page.

4.18.10—Added Frazer Hines to our Guest list!

3.17.10—And the updates keep coming!  We’ve added more banners to our Friends of BritTrack section.  Please visit all of our Friends of BritTrack and support their web sites like you do here!

3.16.10—Added the info of our new staff member on the Staff page.  Welcome her aboard!

3.14.10—BritTrack News RSS went live today. Please subscribe with your favourite news feed by clicking the link to the left.

3.7.10—The revamping continues! We’ve added our Flickr group page and our BritTrack outings on the Events page.

1.30.10—Site has begun its revamp for the 2010 convention, including the addition of Kai Owen as Guest.


7.22.09—Added bios for (most of) the 2009 staff members on the Staff page.

7.22.09—Changed some of the page headers with updated images, including adding Matt Smith to the collage of Doctors.

7.21.09Schedule version 2.0 is now online! And the Events page has been updated to reflect all the recent changes as well.

7.9.09—The schedule and panel descriptions for BritTrack 2009 are now online and viewable on the Schedule and Events pages.


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