2 comments on “2018 Schedule Sneak Peek

  1. Very much interested in exploring adult, LGBT and scientific themes in Orphan Black. Tatau also began but wasn’t too impressed with the initial episode… Maybe something about failed BBC American shows would be entertaining in the Britannia gone bad section?

    Also, I know Haveli’s is the traditional Thursday meetup and close to Dragon Con… but it didn’t seem to be really able to set up for the group (large banquet table type gathering, more people could be closer together to chat more). Not sure what everyone else thought about the buffet, but I thought it was just ok for the price and the service wasn’t terribly friendly when I had a few questions.

    I met a few folks that were lovely (namely the ones at my table) but unless I left my food and walked around didn’t get to converse with many of us.

    Love Johnny MacCracken’s and heard nice things about Keegan’s Public House (Kennesaw), Meehan’s Public House has a Peachtree Street location. Any of them could probably come up with 4-5 dishes for a price fixe menu if a buffet wasn’t possible.. Just throwing a couple of ideas out there.

    Love the Pub Crawl idea (could we come up with our own specialty drinks for the bars to serve , i.e. “sonic screwdriver” ?), didn’t really enjoy the DJ at the Heroes and Villains Ball last year…although it was as well organized as ever and had an excellent crowd.

  2. Hey what about a panel on Brit shows that aren’t on the air anymore, or Dramaville shows that are only short runs (Broadchurch being a wonderful exception now)!

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