BritTrack’s Mission Statement is to celebrate all Anglophiles and our love for media/pop culture of the United Kingdom. We host panels, a party, and interactive events on British music, animation, culture, literature, comics, movies, and television created in the UK. The list is endless: Doctor Who universe, Black Mirror, Monty Python, Sherlock, James Bond, Prisoner, Poldark, Neil Gaiman, and many other UK Topics.

2018 is a special year for us, as the track celebrates the 30th Anniversary of Red Dwarf and French & Sanders! BritTrack continues 2018 with our annual Doctor Who Ball, our late night programming and new favorites such as the Vogon Poetry Slam!! Details, tentative schedules, and more will be posted soon, so keep checking back!

Questions?  Comments?  Email Caro at britishmedia@dragoncon.org!


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